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It’s about me and Him!

Wow, what a week. Christmas is in a couple of days and this time of year brings out the best in people and sometimes……. the worst! Many folks are stressed with trying to please others, competing with gift giving, preparing to be gone from work or home, making travel arrangements, and the list goes on. Seems like I’ve been dealing with some folks this week that have been stressed or “at their worst”.

I can be tempted to “give them what they deserve” or “tell them what they need to hear”, or think “I won’t speak to them until they apologize” or even say “God will get them for what they did”. This can happen from arguing with a loved one, someone cutting me off in traffic, a rude sales person, someone attempting to cheat me out of what I deserve. The list goes on and on. I can get so stressed out that I want to prove I’m right. I want to prove I’m smarter. I want to make them pay for their behavior. But that doesn’t look much like Jesus does it!

Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers”. Not blessed are the “right ones” or “blessed are the smart ones” or “blessed are those that get what they want”. No, Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers! Don’t get me wrong, I often miss the mark. I often find myself wanting to hold out until someone apologizes or waste time hoping someone “get’s what they deserve” but I am hopeful because when those times come I feel convicted and usually, not always, but usually I will then attempt to be the peacemaker that Jesus has taught me to be.

Mother Teresa is credited with saying a beautiful prayer concerning this and I won’t give you the entire prayer but here’s the line that the Holy Spirit reminds me of regularly. “It’s never was between me and them, it’s between me and HIM!

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