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Gas Pump Prayers

This past weekend, as me and my friend were gassing up our bikes an older gentleman came walking up to admire the motorcycles. He began to talk about years gone by and his dream of riding with his wife. He continued talking for a while and to be honest I was becoming a little irritated, wanting to get back on the road. He eventually asks us what our patches, Broken Chains JC, is all about. We told him that we belonged to a group of Christian Bikers who were in recovery. I’ll never forget how his eyes began to swell up and the tears began to fall. He told us about his daughter who was in addiction, that he and his wife were having to raise her kids, their grandkids, and asked if we would pray for her. Well, we asked him if we could pray right then. We joined hands, the three of us, and prayed. Afterwards, with tears in his eyes, he says, “doesn’t it say where 3 or more are gathered in His name He’s there? Does that mean Jesus was right here with us when we prayed?” As I told him yes, the tears of gratitude rolled down his face.

This is the 3rd time in less than a month that I’ve had the opportunity to pray with someone at a gas pump or gas station. In nine years as a Christian I had never experienced anything like this. That’s right, riding my motorcycle, decked out in leather, covered in tattoos, and wearing a vest with a patch that says “Broken Chains JC” certainly makes me stand out in the crowd. I might even be a little scary looking for your average Christian to even approach however those “messed up” people. Those average families living the real struggle of life somehow connect with the freedom that a biker portrays. They are often intrigued and curious about my patch. When they ask I have the opportunity to share my struggles and victories with them which in turn helps them to open up to me. To share their struggles and to ask for prayer. I am “Hope Dealer” and I’m thankful to share my supplier, Jesus Christ, with all those that are needing a fix.

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