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Motorcycle Missionary Vision by Jeff Stultz

Since 2017 I’ve ridden my motorcycle nearly 100,000 miles. God has used me in a unique way to reach hopeless people at stops all along the way. In order to fund this mission, I typically speak at churches every night as well as continue to run the remodeling company I own while I’m out on the road. This becomes extremely busy, overwhelming at times, and also causes me to miss opportunities to reach people, outside of the church, who are desperately searching for hope.

I’ve come to realize that many people have been hurt by church or Christians and mistakenly relate this to God. Others, blame God for the hurt, problems, and turmoil they’re dealing with in their lives. And yet others view Christians and Christianity through a skewed lens that makes the Christian lifestyle seem unappealing and hypocritical. This leaves people looking for hope in many wrong places and/or self-medicating to numb the pain with drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, co-dependency, etc.  Leading them further down the path of hopelessness and away from the real hope and healing that are available in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The vision God has given me for this organization is to seek members, partners, and sponsors which will fund the mission, allowing me to be a full-time missionary to the United States.

As these people and entities come alongside the organization, I’ll be free to spend more time outside of the churches.  Reaching hopeless people right where they are, at homeless shelters, homeless camps, treatment centers, recovery homes, prisons, jails, hospitals, and more.

Meeting felt needs as well as spiritual needs which combined bring about the trust required to impact people’s lives.

Then, as we become financially secure, we will fund other motorcycle missionaries who have been called to do the same thing.

Finally, all Christian bikers are Motorcycle Missionaries.  We believe God has given us a unique way to minister to hopeless, hurting people and we will endeavor to equip other Christian bikers with the tools to reach people in this unique way.

If you feel inspired to join us, please let us know. We are looking for volunteers, donations, members, and corporate sponsors.

Foundation Sponsors

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Corporate Sponsors


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