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Stay in your lane!

We all have a particular race to run. We all have a unique and specific purpose. I don’t know what yours is but I do know what mine is!

Hebrews 12:1 “Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”

Yes, we all have a specific purpose. God didn’t create any of us to do nothing in particular. We are all different parts of one puzzle, or parts of one body is how scripture describes us. We each have something to do and what I’ve learned is that when we’re not in God’s plan, when we’re in our own plan life can be miserable. Many folks are saved and serving however their desire is to run someone else’s race!

My purpose is to ride a motorcycle and share the Good News, that change is possible and hope is real! I look back at how God has walked this out in my life. I didn’t get saved/sober and start riding a motorcycle around the country sharing. No, getting me to the race has taken time, training, and preparing.

First, using Celebrate Recovery to help me “throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles”. Don’t get me wrong, I still have sin in my life like everyone else and that’s one reason I still need to be at Celebrate Recovery every week, I still need a sponsor, and I still need to be accountable. But, CR has helped me break the chains of sin that were killing me, that were keeping me from running my race! As I became untangled with the major issues, drug addiction, alcoholism, and violent behavior, God led me in several directions as my training began. It reminds me of the Karate Kid. I had no idea what God was preparing me for. I’ve done church in crack motel parking lots, been the campus pastor of a large church, a CR ministry leader, a CR state rep, and a business owner. Some of these positions were hard to turn loose of. I had to give up “stuff” I’d worked hard for, positions I loved. God closed doors that I thought should have stayed open. But through it all I trusted Him and continued training because I knew, I know He cares about me and has a plan for my life.

Today, well today I’m running the race. Some folks think what I do is so cool, and it is, but it’s not easy! It also didn’t happen overnight. That’s right, God has been preparing me for this race for years. Ever since I was born I have been going through life in training, being equipped but when I decided to give it all to Him the serious training began!

As I prepare to head out on a 3400 mile ride, to be gone from home for 26 days, I’m reflecting on all that God’s done, what He continues to do, and the price that comes along with running my race.

Being an actor. Folks say, “I sure wish I could be on TV”, but they don’t realize the hundreds of rejections I endure to get one role. The miles I drive for classes and auditions. The money spent on school, gas, hotels, and lost from not being at work.

Being a business owner. Folks say, “I wish I owned my own business and could do what I want”, but they don’t realize the stress of being responsible to make payroll, to find work, to please customers. They don’t understand the 70 hour workweeks and all the other headaches that go along with that.

Being a Motorcycle Missionary. Folks say, “I wish I could take off work and ride my motorcycle around the country sharing about Jesus”, but they don’t think about my family being without me. The hours in front of the computer to keep my work going and my employees paid. Sleeping in strange beds, riding in the heat, cold, and rain.

Don’t get me wrong in any way. I’m not saying any of this to complain. I love my race! My point is that I’ve been prepared to run it. I was created for it. That means that everyone couldn’t and wouldn’t be willing to go through what I’ve gone through to run this race. Just like I couldn’t go through what someone else is to run their race! I don’t know what you’re going through today or what your particular race is. You may be in training, you may be running it, or you may be running from it. What I do know is that you and I were created to do something specific, unique. God has a plan for you and if you keep making right choices, keep trusting Him, keep looking straight ahead, not to the left or the right, you’ll make it to the finish line. If your running the race created for you life might not be easy but it will be more satisfying than you could ever imagine.

Bottom line is there are many unhappy people, Christians and non Christians, because they want to run someone else’s race or they don’t want to run at all!

“Figure out what you love to do – that which God gave you a heart for – and then do it for his glory!” Rick Warren

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