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It ain’t easy!

Good morning my Peeps!

Well, it’s my first Saturday at home since June 30th and my last Saturday at home until September 8th. I hear people many times say, “I’d like to do what you do” or express how exciting my life must be. The truth is that my life is an adventure for sure. But you also have to remember that an adventure isn’t only wrapped up in excitement, victories, and rewards. It’s also filled with twists and turns, unexpected trials and hardships, disappointments and frustration.

My life is extremely satisfying and rewarding however it’s also tough. It’s tough on me, my wife, my family, my closest friends, and even my customers and employees. Not being home for family dinners and events, not having time for my friends, dealing with my business from a hotel room desk.
I get to ride my motorcycle around the country and share the Gospel which is amazing! But it’s also hard. Riding in the rain, the heat, and the cold. It can be exhausting and dangerous.

My life is a life of Surrender. I’ve surrendered my life to Him. If not, I’d be on my couch on Saturdays watching TV. I’d be riding with my friends to bike night and taking vacations with my family. The truth is that God has a call on my life and through surrender to Him I’ve answered that call. It’s a life of Sacrifice. Not just for me but for my wife, my family, and my friends. I sacrifice the comfort of home, the companionship of my wife, the time with my family and friends. My wife has to deal with many of the household responsibilities on her own and spends much time alone. My family and friends can sometimes question how much they mean to me and why strangers are so important.

It’s a life of Service. I serve others through the ministry of Celebrate Recovery and the Broken Chains JC Fellowship. In my willingness to be away from home so often in order to be at other CR’s, Churches, and Events.

It’s a life of Sharing. I share what God’s done in my life in many different venues across the country. At CR’s, Churches, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, rest areas, motorcycle shops, and anywhere else God gives me the opportunity to let others know that change is possible and that hope is real. It’s not an easy life but it is a life of purpose and purpose is the only thing that leads to SATISFACTION! You cannot find satisfaction in money, you can’t find it in retirement, you can’t find it in having lots of free time, it’s not at the beach. You won’t be satisfied by filling your life with empty things or what you think makes you happy. Satisfaction doesn’t come from a life of leisure or happiness. No, purpose brings satisfaction and the only way you find purpose is in surrender, sacrifice, serving, and sharing.

I may not be home often and I may not get much couch time but I do lead a life of satisfaction, a life of purpose. I’m doing what God created me to do but keep in mind it didn’t happen overnight and it’s not easy. It took 9 years of surrender, sacrifice, serving, and sharing before I discovered His ultimate plan for my life and it’s not witnessing on a beach in Cancun!

If you’re looking for God’s plan for your life don’t look at what He’s doing for others. Look at the uncomfortable thing He’s asking you to do. It may not be your purpose but it may be the thing God uses to lead you to your purpose. Be willing to surrender, sacrifice, serve, and share. Be willing to get outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to do what He has for you and not always what you want to do. This leads to a life of purpose, the satisfied life! Keep coming back! Thanks for letting me share!


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