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Can you shut up about it?

Many people will come to me and thank me for my energy, for being excited about Jesus. They see that my life is wrapped around sharing the hope I’ve found with others. I usually tell them,

“I’m just a guy that God pulled out of a ditch and I can’t shut up about it!”

I tell them that because it’s the truth. It’s really simple in my mind, in my life. If a person rescued me from certain death, if a person died to save my life I couldn’t shut up about it. That’s what happened, Jesus died to save my life and that’s real! Just as real as someone crawling in to a burning house and pulling me out, just as real as someone running past bullets and bombs on a battlefield to drag me, wounded and dying to safety. Just as real as someone pushing me out of the way of a bus only to be crushed themselves. Those things don’t even compare to what Jesus did for me, what He did for us!

I was sick and dying. I was hopeless and in a ditch so deep I couldn’t see the light but the Light came down in to the ditch with me and pulled me up and out. Saved me and changed me. The Psalmist says it like this in Psalm 40:2,

“He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and the muck. He sat my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand”

If you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord you’ve been pulled out of a ditch too! You may not have been as deep in the ditch as I was, you may not have been as bloody and beaten as I was but make no mistake……before Jesus you were living in a ditch! And like me, if you’ve been pulled out of the ditch you won’t be able to shut up about it either!

                                                                                              Are you a “quiet Christian”?  Do you tell people about what God’s done in your life?  There are way to many quiet Christians.  You see, the truth is if you CAN shut up about it, you might still be in the ditch!

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