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He’ll use you right there!

It’s Monday morning and I’m about to get back to the grind just like most of you. As I spoke with God this morning and asked to be used, of course I’d like to be out on the motorcycle, travelling and sharing the Good News. He reminded me that He can use me anywhere I let Him, He can use us right where we’re at if we let Him.

This past Friday I was on a quote when the customer shared where she attended church. I mentioned to her that I was involved in the Celebrate Recovery Ministry and that I used to be a homeless crack addict. She began to pour out her story of her granddaughter who had been in active addiction for years and who was now in a rehab. She told me this young lady was afraid to leave rehab because she had no support on the outside. I was able to share about CR, help her find the groups closest to her granddaughter, and pray with her before I left. Now I don’t share with all my customers that I used to be a homeless crack addict or even that I’m involved in ministry. However I am always available. I’m always aware when opportunities come to share the Good News of my changed life in Jesus Christ and that change is possible for anyone.

What about opportunities to show we’re experiencing a changed life in Christ rather than tell about it! For some of us this can be a little uncomfortable. He can use us in our homes if we’re willing to humble ourselves, ouch!

That’s right, what about that disagreement with our spouse. Jesus said, “blessed are the peace makers” not “blessed are those that hold out for an apology”. How about our children or grandchildren? Do they see us getting aggravated in the check out line or do they see patience and kindness? What about ours siblings or parents? Do we get contentious and aggravated when they don’t agree with us or are we understanding and respectful of their opinions. Do we meet a harsh word with a harsh word? Or do we answer bitterness and anger with kindness and encouragement?

The truth is that we’re all in full time ministry and He’ll use us all day every day if we’ll bend to His will and not our own. Don’t get me wrong. I’m far from perfect in all of this. But, I’m working towards being better. Even Paul talks about this in Phillipians 3:12-14.

So, back to the grind today? Yes, but my grind is being about my Fathers business! We’re all in full time ministry. Remember, love God and love others. That’s how they’ll know whose we are! Have a great day. I’m gonna. Remember, it’s a choice!

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