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Don’t get run over by the train!

As I get ready for the beginning of a month of celebrating the Temple CR One Year Anniversary I’m looking back over all that has happened this past year. Many lives have been changed, many folks have been set free from hurts, habits, and hang ups, and many people have accepted Christ as their Savior. I’ve been blessed to be a small part of all that God has done at Temple CR and the lives that have been changed.

However as I thought about “changed lives” this morning I realize that my life has been changed incredibly over the last year. I went through the illness and death of my mother. I’ve helped start and become the national president of Broken Chains JC motorcycle ministry. I’ve experienced the realization of God’s purpose for me as a missionary. I’ve lost a best friend to drugs. And I’ve been forced to take a hard look at my own mortality, my time left here on earth. My life has changed… not necessarily for better or worse, just changed.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled about being the President of Broken Chains, I’m happy to realize my purpose. But life without my mom isn’t better. Life without my friend isn’t better. I’ve come to realize some changes are just necessary. The truth is that my mother was at the end of her life and she’s in Heaven today. The truth is my friend created constant disappointment and frustration for me and although I continue to love him our friendship was tough on me. Change, sometimes it’s not good or bad it’s just necessary. No, my life isn’t better because I lost my mom but I do see the blessing that has come out of her death. My life isn’t better because I lost my friend however I do see the blessing that is a result of the loss.

So to wrap this up, I know the power of “Changed Lives” and I’ve experienced it firsthand. Some change is essential, such as the change we experience through our decision to turn our lives over to the care of Christ and some change is necessary so that we don’t get comfortable and complacent in our walk with Christ, our obligation to serve, and our commitment to realize “it’s not about me”! We have to learn to embrace change in order to continue to move forward.

Remember, you can be on the right track but if you’re not moving forward you’ll still get run over by the train!


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