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Bring on the rain!

Me and Jamie made it safely to the Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center yesterday. It was a great 250 mile ride however the weather turned nasty around the Virginia state line and it was completely unexpected. Thank God, even though we didn’t expect any nasty weather, we were prepared. We have leather chaps and jackets. Full helmets, gloves, and rain gear. We’ve learned to be prepared, to keep the tools with us to help deal with any situation………starting to sound familiar? As I sat here this morning I thought about how life does that. After I prayed the prayer I assumed life was gonna be a smooth ride with clear skies and mild temperatures. Man was I wrong. Life’s tough, ministry is messy, and I never know when the bottoms gonna fall out. Today, i thank God for the tools to handle life on life’s terms. I’ve learned God is in the storm with me and through His Word, through the 12 Steps and 8 Principles I have the gear to deal with whatever comes my way. I’ve even learned that there are others that will be with me in the storm and the danger in trying to ride out life’s storms on my own. I don’t know what kind of storm you might be in today but the “gear” to handle it is available to anyone. If your drowning in it get in to church but don’t stop there. Find a Celebrate Recovery where there’s bad weather gear, in your size, for whatever storms your in, or that lie ahead. No, today life’s not perfect but I’m gonna be OK because I have the “gear” to handle whatever storm I wind up in. Bring on the rain!

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