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A sweet situation!

Have you ever asked God, “why me Lord”? I see others in great situations. Prospering, comfortable, and seem to have it made in life and I wonder why I can’t have more of that. Then I see others who are suffering, can’t cop a break, surrounded by tragedy and misfortune and I remember how blessed I am.

We all have a particular race to run however I think in our humanness we want to run the race of others and others want to run our race. Right? The problem there is that I’m not equipped to run anyone else’s race and no one else is equipped to run mine.

Paul said, “We walk by faith and not by sight”. I’ve been in some pretty sweet situations that I’ve had to walk away from to be where God needs me to be. I don’t always “go quietly”, sometimes I don’t recognize that God wants me to move on until it gets really uncomfortable in the situation I’m in. That’s when I’m most tempted to say, “why me Lord”? I look around and see that others don’t have to “give up” their sweet situation but I do. In the past I’ve held on so long that God had to allow me to be hurt to get me to let go. I’m so thankful that He loves me enough to make the tough choices, to let me go through hurt and pain if that’s what it takes to get me where I’m supposed to be. I’m learning that even when it’s tough, going where God is leading me always ends up in a sweeter situation than I’ve been in or could have dreamed up.

I’ve learned that some folks’ race have less twists and turns and others have more. I’m also learning, daily, to run my race and to quit focusing on the race of others. Try to focus on your race because if you get too caught up in wanting to run someone else’s you’ll get slowed down, trip, and fall. When we focus on our own race we make it to the finish line faster and the blessings are truly incredible because my race leads me to where God would have me be and that my friends is the sweetest situation of all!

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