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Warmer than a dumpster!

As we’re experiencing some severe winter weather here in the Southeast I was in prayer for those folks who won’t come in out of the storm. I remembered being a homeless drug addict and also being one of those folks who refused to seek shelter during this kind of weather.

The problem for me was that I couldn’t get high at the shelter and I couldn’t hustle money there either. I can’t count the number of nights I wandered the streets, miserably cold and wet. Climbing in and out of dumpsters for a brief respite from the wind and rain in hopes that someone looking for drugs would stop and ask for my help.

As I prayed for those that are still out there, living out the insanity of addiction. Willing to freeze to death in hopes of getting high. It hit me that this is a real picture of life. I realized that folks that don’t know Jesus and even folks that do, suffer from this same, insane behavior.

Many who don’t know Jesus are afraid to come to the Cross. They’re afraid they might miss out on something in life. That they won’t be able to do the “fun” stuff that they think brings about happiness. They wander through life in hopes that something will fill that void…..drugs, money, relationships, gambling, sex, and the list goes on. Not realizing how much better life is inside the shelter.

Then there are those who do know Jesus. They come in to the church every Sunday and experience a brief respite from the storms going on in their lives however they walk right back out in to them. They dabble but don’t think they really need to come in, to “stay the night”. They may not realize the comfort that comes from going inside the shelter and they stand around outside of it. They’re there but not coming inside to enjoy the true comfort that’s waiting on them.

I don’t know where you’re at in life but please know you don’t have to continue to wander around in the world hoping you might find happiness. You don’t have to stand around outside the shelter hoping that if you keep one foot out you might get what the world has for you. Come on in. It’s more satisfying than you’ve ever imagined.


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