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“Don’t over do it”

As someone who has struggled with selfishness my entire life “balance” is not really an option for me. I spent so many years living by my emotions which said; I want what I want no matter who gets hurt or what the consequences may be.

I never thought that my bad choices were impacting anyone other than myself but the reality is my bad choices hurt my family, my friends, and others that I manipulated and abused.

I don’t know any other way than to “over do it”. It’s my personality. My option becomes to over do it in destructive ways or positive ways. I’ve learned through the process of recovery to serve. To serve in Church, to serve in Celebrate Recovery, to serve the Lord. This lifestyle isn’t always fun, it isn’t always easy, it isn’t always what I want to do, but it is ALWAYS satisfying.

I think we all “over do it” in one way or another. I won’t list any examples but you get the picture. I just want to overdo it in serving, overdo it in sharing the Good News, over do it loving on others.

The truth is, in forgiving me He really “over did it”. In changing me, He “over did it”. In blessing me, He is really “over doing it”. I hope that in “over doing it” I will begin to look more like Him. I know sometimes in not over doing it we don’t do it at all. I challenge you to find your purpose, what He created you to do, and over do it!


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