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And not even a scratch!

Wow! What a week it’s been, what a battle I’ve ridden through. Like I said, “through”.

Since being saved back in 2007 I’ve lived a life of service, sacrifice, and sharing. Because of this lifestyle I’m constantly under attack. Kind of like living in a war zone. I’m sure folks who live in those areas of the world become somewhat numb to their circumstance, even get used to living surrounded by danger, never knowing what’s going to happen next. Expecting the turmoil. But when a fire fight takes place in your front yard, it has to shake you! While I don’t mean to diminish the plight or represent my life as tragic as that may be, I do see the parallels. Because I live in a spiritual war zone. I’m used to the attacks, I expect turmoil in my life. I’ve learned to deal with it by leaning on God’s Word and the freedom that comes with knowing the Truth! I put on the whole Armor and wield the Sword of the Word. However, even having the weapons to fight back, even expecting the battles, even wearing my armor…… at times it can feel like I’m drowning in it, like I’m losing the battle, like there’s a fire fight in my front yard.

This past week was one of those times. A spiritual fire fight. I was dealing with financial struggle, dealing with dreams being crushed, dealing with self doubt, and fear of the future. I was hurt, angry, confused, and worried. I did however have a firm grip on God’s Word and even though at times I felt like I was losing the battle I always knew God had me. I’m grateful to know the Truth because when I’m pinned down in a spiritual foxhole, when the bullets are flying just over my head, when the fight seems to be hopeless, all I really have to do is look over…….because Jesus is always right beside me. Not making things smooth but reminding me that His way gives me the freedom to ride through the battle…… and not even suffer a scratch!

That’s right, without Him I would have been overwhelmed, pinned down, and stuck. But with Him I’ve been able to focus and make it to the other side.

I’ve found and moved in to an affordable office space this week. Customers have paid past due bills and others have made deposits for upcoming jobs. I’ve had new supporters of my personal ministry come forward. And I’ve been reminded of all that’s good in my life.

God has done some incredible things in my life this week and I know that those are things, the truths I need to cling to in the upcoming battles. He always has me! I matter to Him.

He’s reminded me that no one can take anything from me that He doesn’t let them take. The enemy can’t do anything to me that He doesn’t allow him to do.

The war isn’t over but the battle’s been won! And I know the outcome of the war! He loses!


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